Lady Lumberjack
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The Fatal Flower Film
Photo of Dorothea Mitchell holding her book, Lady Lumberjack. A Film by Dorothea Mitchell

Starring: Margaret Arthur and Harold Gross

Originally produced in 1930 by Dorothea Mitchell and the Port Arthur Amateur Cinema Society. Written by Dorothea Mitchell, directed by Harold Harcourt, and photographed by Fred Cooper. Also starring, Wally McComber, Herb Elliot, Chris Dunbar, Frank Kavanaugh Duncan Roberts, Frank Toole, and Mrs. J. Toole.

The Fatal Flower is a 2004 Flashframe/Shebandowan Films production. Produced by Ron Harpelle, directed and edited by Kelly Saxberg, and written by Peter Raffo. Music composed by Danny Johnson and art work by Alyson Kailik and Ann Clarke. The research for this project was conducted by Michel Beaulieu. Special thanks to Noreen Ivancic, Paul Morralee, Heather Esdon, Donald Delorme, Tory Tonrud, the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, Lakehead University and Library and Archives Canada.

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